Friday, September 27, 2013

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

On wednesday, the 18th of september, the senior syndicate went for a walk up the Hackett. We did this as part of our leadership challenge.The walk took roughly four hours to complete. We saw some amazing views, such as rivers and huge rocks. When we got to the hut, we had about one hour to play around and eat lunch. We saw a Weka prancing around the bushes as we were eating our lunch. Over all we had a great time. By Tim and Reuben!!!

Marcus' blog post

The Hacket walk
On Thursday 18th of September the senior classes went on a walk for their leadership challenge and they all had a really good time there especially when we went to the top.We went into the river and splashed the water around and we also went into the Hacket hut and it was cool because there was beds in there and it was a good experience. We were really tired when we were walking back down and we were really hungry.When we got down we were really glad to finish the walk.

By Marcus!
We had a pretty wicked time yesterday walking the hackett track! We
left at around 9:00 and came back at 2:50. We stopped for lunch once
we had got to our destination we stopped for lunch.We played around
the river for a while before we started looking in the hut.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Zara and Caitlin's cricket blog post

On Thursdays we do cricket. It is really fun and exciting! We use lots of ball skills and do lots of running. We have been learning all types of new skills and fun games. We have to bring our p.e gear so don't forget.
By Zara and Caitlin.

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